AiCVD Residency - Overview

Qualification for examination of AiCVD specialist

As three AiCVD residents are scheduled to complete a residency program in 2014-2015, AiCVD plans to carry out the 1st examination for AiCVD specialist in early 2015. Qualified individuals should satisfy one of the followings;

1. Complete a residency program organized by AiCVD, ACVD, ECVD and Dermatology Chapter of Australia/New Zealand Veterinary Specilists (ANZAS)

2. Complete an alternate root residency program recognized by AiCVD, ACVD, ECVD and/or ANZAS

3. An individual who had submitted an application of AiCVD "de facto specialist" until 2008, but qualification did not meet the requirement at that time, and these will be fulfilled by the end of 2014.

In prior to the first examination of AiCVD specialist, candidates whose career may meet #2 or #3 should submit documents to the Examination Committee for a validation.

An applicant should contact the Examination Committee
( deadline of the application is January 1, 2015.

September 1, 2013

Asian College of Veterinary Dermatology